Saturday, March 28, 2015

wish i was...


spring by glitterandtea featuring a skater skirt

wearing this outfit.

it's a sunny saturday, hubby is working and both babies are sleeping. after i'm done putting together imaginary outfits with shoes that cost an arm and a leg i'm going to read a book. #momlife. but really if i had to wear the same colors for the rest of my life it would probably be these. my whole closet is a combo of white, blush, light pink & royal blue.

happy weekend :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lucy-6 months!

This is a month too late. in exactly one week lucy will be 7 months. but lets talk about her 6 month developments anyway, shall we?

clothing: 6-9, 9m, 12m leggings. they are a tad too long but don't pinch her in her (nonexistent) waist like smaller sizes. her tummy & thighs are too delicious to be contained by tight pants :) i'm excited for summer so she can show off her beautiful arms in sleeveless onesies. popeye would be jealous. 

diapers: still size 2. we love target diapers and i think they're a more generous size compared to huggies for example. 

sleep: bless this beautiful angel from Heaven who still naps every 2 hours during the day. if you heard that chubby babies sleep better than i'm here to tell you it's true. before i thought Lucy was just a crabby baby and would hold her and try to soothe her nonstop but turns out she was just tired. but when i laid her down for naps she would cry like crazy and i would immediately come to her rescue. it was a restless first few months. one day i was too tired for this routine. i knew she was tired so i swaddled her up, turned on classical music a bit louder than usual, laid her down, closed the shades and the door and left. she cried for 5 minutes on and off and then silence. i was in shock! next time i tried it again and again it worked! we know have a beautiful bedtime and nap routine and we're all happier because of it. i think the music distracts her from the fact that it's sleep time. 

play: when she is awake she loves to be on her tummy, on the ground playing with toys or watching older sister run around in circles. she recently started sitting up so i've been putting her in the high chair and she loves that too. give her a toy to chew on and she's a happy camper. loves anything she can put in her mouth. 

teeth: 2 bottom teeth just sprouted! they're still so tiny but so cute. around the time they popped through she got an ugly cold complete with coughing and nonstop runny nose. i don't know if that was a coincidence or there was a connection but we're glad it's 99% over. 

hates: being on her back so diaper changes, getting dressed or being in the carseat turn on the flood works. luckily she sleeps during car rides so the carseat thing isn't too big a deal. once she's in it though you better start driving in the next 2 minutes or else! 

solids: we had a couple spoons of bananas & baby yogurt but girlfriend is NOT interested. she makes the funniest face! she doesn't even open her mouth for the spoon once she realizes what's going on. she just gives me a "why do you keep giving this to me?" face. 

Juliana: i think around exactly 6 months they really got interested in each other & now even "play" with each other. it's sometimes nothing more than staring at each other and giggling but it's the best thing in the world. Lucy is obsessed with Juju and instantly lights up when she sees her. Juju loves to bring her toys, diapers when I ask and comes running to me to let me know Lucy is crying when she wakes up from her nap. 

I'm loving watching my little Lucy develop and seeing more of her personality shine through every day. she's absolutely the sweetest little girl and her blue eyes light up our days :) i thank God for making me her mama. 

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