Monday, March 13, 2017

Matthew-9 Months!

My last kiddo update 3 months ago ended with me talking about how Matthew was just a unicorn of a baby who chilled, slept and ate like a champ. Well...that was probably the last time those things happened. He started teething hardcore these last 3 months with 5 (!) teeth coming in one after another in addition to the 2 he already had. He was also pretty stuffy with a never ending cold all of February and overall not very content to just hang out anymore. He pretty much only wanted to be held and even that got annoying for him ha! In all honesty it was a tough beginning to the new year and made the end of winter slightly more miserable as we didn't get out very much thanks to low temps and sick babies.
BUT! Just this past week has a been a total turn around thanks to many changes in Matthew! I'll go in order 1. His cold finally went away! That's all that needs to be said as we all know how miserable sick babies are. 2. All the teeth that were coming in finally broke through and are showing quite a bit. He now has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. His mouth is so not symmetrical and makes him look a little goofy, I love it :) 3. I started giving him puffy baby cereal and it's been a lifesaver for me. Whenever he's hangry and I can't feed him I just throw him some munchies on his highchair and that keeps him occupied and happy. Also awesome for when we're out and about. I kind of waited a while to introduce snacks because he wasn't good at grasping small things until recently. 4. The last and probably best change is that Matthew finally learned how to crawl! Before I think he would get so frustrated sitting on the floor and not be able to get to whatever looked interesting to him. Hence the constant need to be held? But now the world is his oyster! He can (slowly) follow his sisters around, he can crawl up to something and pull himself up (though he hasn't completely mastered it yet) and he can find tiny bits on the floor and stick them in his mouth much to my frustration lol. Crawling brought back my happy, smiley baby. I keep his room really clean with only baby safe toys so that way I can plop him down and leave him be for a few minutes and know he won't find or get himself into any trouble. I'm just so excited for the rest of his baby-hood to watch him grow and develop more and more.
Oh and remember when I said he would cry when I left the room when he turned 6 months? That is nothing compared to how much he cries for his dad now! There will be a total meltdown if I take Matthew out of his papa bear's arms! Clearly he has a favorite. ;)
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