Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Days

May is probably one of my favorite months and this year is extra exciting for several reasons.
First up we have my hubby's birthday. I love celebrating the day that tall, handsome man entered this world even if he isn't as thrilled about it as I am ;) All he ever requests for his birthday is good food and to be outdoors playing volleyball. Easy enough. 
Next I think Mother's Day is sometime after that? Not sure what day it is but I can't believe I'm a mom of three this time around!
Speaking of my third child, this is Matthews last month as a "baby" because June is his birthday! How crazy fast did that year fly by?! I know every mom says that but only because it's true. Time speeds up when you have kids. Feels like just yesterday my friends and family threw me a surprise baby sprinkle and now I'm already thinking of his birthday party. 
On the 19th my hubby and I celebrate 5 years of marriage. Again with the time flying! We were planning to go on a vacation for our anniversary but my husband's sis who lives in Florida decided our plans for us when she moved her wedding date up to the day after our wedding so we will celebrate there. We're flying for the first time as a family and I'm half nervous, half excited. I know our kids will do awesome because they love adventures and flying is probably the ultimate but I'm nervous for all we have to bring as well as the things we can't take. I'm just imagining lugging around the carseats, double stroller and our luggage while we run through the airport with 3 kids... Usually we drive and there is plenty of room for me to overpack (imagine a whole box of diapers and tons of extra clothes just in case) but this time I have to be as minimal as possible and it concerns me. Thankfully our flights are only 3+ hours and nonstop so I don't have to worry about running out of diapers or wipes in that short amount of time. 
Anyway that's a little preview of all we have going on this month not to mention enjoying the beautiful weather and blossoming flowers and trees that May has to offer. Praise God for the refreshing joy that a change of seasons brings. 

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