Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Juliana These Days

This little girl has quite the big personality lately. She's always just walking around the house doing her own thing, getting into things she shouldn't be getting into. She loves lotions and anything that can be smeared on her cute little face. I always know when she's up to no good because I'll call out her name and get a "No!" in reply. Than I'll come find her and see that she got into the pink paint or glitter. She is a girly girl, I can tell you that. But none of it is the end of the world. It somehow makes my day brighter. Does that even make sense? What I'm trying to say is I want her to explore the world around her and find things that interest her even if it means making a small mess or two along the way. Plus, she knows how to win my heart after being naughty. She'll come up to me grab my face with her little hands and give me a kiss and say "luh you" or if I'm laying down she'll pat my back and say "message, message" though it sounds more like "majaj, majaj" She is my darling, goofy little girl and I wouldn't change a mole or a freckle about her! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Silver Linings

The other morning I woke up not feeling like myself, Lucy vomited all over her shirt and down my shoulder, my husband was already gone at work even though it was Saturday and Juju would cry like crazy every time I would blow my nose which was severely stuffed. But after cleaning ourselves up, getting Juju breakfast and sitting down with a cup of coffee, I realized how much I have to be thankful for. Maybe it's because Thanksgiving is less than a week away (crazy!) but sometimes the bad things in life make you so grateful for the good. Being sick made me thankful that 99% of the time I am healthy as can be and so is my family. My husband being gone at work made me thankful that he has a job that supports us and allows me to be home with my babies everyday. It also made me appreciate the mornings he is home and we get to have breakfast together. My girls giving me a little bit of a hard time made me thankful that God gave me children because I know so many families struggle with that, including some very dear friends of ours. There are so many blessings in my life that I could sit around all day and still won't have enough time to count them all. Sometimes there are rough moments in my day but if I let them get to me I would miss out on the thousands of sweet ones that melt my heart. 

p.s. I'm also thankful for coordinating outfits for my little ladies ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mom Brain

Hi, I'm Anna and I'm a mom therefore I have mom brain.  It's a common disorder that consists of loss of common sense and logic, misplacement of objects and inability to form coherent sentences. It's fun. 
  • I tried to put leggings on over the jeans I was already wearing. 
  • Instead of refilling the sugar bowl while making morning coffee, I poured it straight into my cup. 
  • I put a brand new tub of sour cream in the freezer and pulled it out for today's enchiladas all nice and frozen. This was after looking for it all over the place. 
  • I put my keys in the fridge.  
  • While showering I grabbed my razor thinking it was my Clarisonic brush and almost shaved my face off. Thankfully I'm here today scar free! 
  • I tried to put a size 1 baby diaper on my toddler. 
Those are just some highlights from this week. My oldest is only 20 months so I have many more years of mom brain ahead of me. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Weekend

I started this Saturday morning by marveling at how big my little Lucy is getting! The whole, pregnancy, labor and recovery went so fast that I still can't believe I have a 2 month old! She's such sweetie and a total mama's girl. She's either serious or shy but will smile at me all day :) She's slept with me from day one at the hospital. I quickly learned she was a snuggle bug when she would wake up the minute I put her down. Night and day difference from Juliana who did not even want to be touched. The girl likes her space, it's cool. 

Next up on the list is magic erasing all this beautiful art Juliana picasso'd all over the walls in the hall and her bedroom. I remember so clearly buying Jumbo Crayolas at Target thinking (stupidly) "Juju is such a smart girl. She would never draw on the walls. She's not one of those kids." Ha! 

And lastly, I started watching Food, Inc on Netflix last night after putting it off for years. I honestly did not want to know the truth (because ignorance is bliss) but now that I've seen half I found out it's even worse than I imagined! I'm not one of those super organic people when it comes to food but this made a strong case. I fell asleep in the middle of it so today I plan on finishing it and making my hubby watch so we can make a plan for our family to be healthier. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mama & Juju

These pictures were taken at a park behind our house when I was 8 months pregnant. I wanted to remember how it felt to just have one child and enjoy her fully because I knew my attention would be divided once the new baby came. Juliana is the light of my life. She is so smart and funny and sweet and obedient (most of the time) and all those good things that daughters are! 

she is exactly a year & a half in these.

  • the other day I smelled something suspicious and asked if she went poopy and she answered "very no." I guess teaching her that things are "very hot" or "very cold" paid off.
  • we've been reading her children's bible daily and she's grown so fond of the characters in the pictures that I overheard her on her play phone talking to "Noah" 
  • my iPhone lock screen is a picture of my husband and whenever she turns it on she says "Papa cute!" 
  • Juliana loves numbers and will point out 5 from a mile away (it's her favorite) and today she drew a stick and said "one" than I swear to you she drew a figure 8 and said "eight" my eyes popped out of my head. 
  • she sometimes refers to herself in 3rd person "Juju fell" "Juju crying"
  • her nickname has been Juju since she was 1 week old. I remember jokingly declaring we will call her Juju Bug and it stuck. I now tell people that's her name just to see their funny reactions.
*pictures, hair & makeup done by my lovely sister Katie 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Snow days.

It snowed in our area for the first time on Monday. I was actually shocked to see the ground under a white blanket when I woke up. I'm not one to follow weather so most often it's a surprise to me. Even though I love winter and especially the Christmas season, I immediately missed the convenience of warmer weather. Bundling up your precious babies for below zero weather and waiting for your car to warm up 20 min before you can go anywhere is not fun. 

So most days are spent cuddling and reading books. And that I don't mind ;) 

Fun Fact: though Monday was Lucy's first snowfall, it was obviously not the first for Juliana. The night Juliana was born mid February of last year, I remember laying in the hospital bed after labor talking to my husband about how happy we were to become parents when suddenly the biggest, fluffiest snow flakes began to slowly fall from the sky. I remember it was so beautiful and I've never felt more peaceful in my life.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hi, I'm Anna & this is my blog!

I wanted a place to document my sweet and simple life with my handsome husband Eugene and two beautiful daughters, Juliana (Juju) and Lucy.

Juliana-21 months

Lucy-2 months

I love my life more than words could describe but I'll try anyway :)
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