Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mom Brain

Hi, I'm Anna and I'm a mom therefore I have mom brain.  It's a common disorder that consists of loss of common sense and logic, misplacement of objects and inability to form coherent sentences. It's fun. 
  • I tried to put leggings on over the jeans I was already wearing. 
  • Instead of refilling the sugar bowl while making morning coffee, I poured it straight into my cup. 
  • I put a brand new tub of sour cream in the freezer and pulled it out for today's enchiladas all nice and frozen. This was after looking for it all over the place. 
  • I put my keys in the fridge.  
  • While showering I grabbed my razor thinking it was my Clarisonic brush and almost shaved my face off. Thankfully I'm here today scar free! 
  • I tried to put a size 1 baby diaper on my toddler. 
Those are just some highlights from this week. My oldest is only 20 months so I have many more years of mom brain ahead of me. 

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