Friday, April 8, 2016


I'm never really one to wish days aways because as a stay at home mom I feel like my days are what I make them but with that being said I'm so happy it's Friday! This week was long, dreary and uneventful aside from Lucy getting sniffles. The weather is still not very springlike and it's not very motivating. I'm hoping the sun peaks out and warms everything up soon because it's so much easier to get out and go when we don't have to bundle up in 20 layers. Sorry, I'm being dramatic. It's really more like 10 ;) 

I was browsing around the Forever21 website and it made me feel incredibly old. Nothing like seeing trends re-emerge that you wore in middle school to remind you how far you've come from that. Chokers, lace up shirts and flares? Ummm....let's just say I'm a believer in the rule that you don't wear the same trend twice in one lifetime. 

This weekend we have 2 birthday parties that fall at the same time on Saturday. One is for our friends miracle, long awaited for baby boy who will be turning one and the other for my sweetest, dearest mother in law. Also happening the same day? A brunch with my girls Bible study. It's like I have no plans all week and than all. the. plans. at once. Hate when this happens. 

I finally listed new stuff in my Etsy shop! There's a little something something for little ladies, precious newborn babes and nylon headbands for any age in between :)  

Here's Juju wishing everyone a magical weekend ;) 

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