Monday, February 22, 2016

Lucy-Almost 18 months

Nicknames: Luc, Lusik, Woosy, Prince (to Juliana's princess...) Lucilia

Clothes: 18-24 months 
Diapers: size 3 (almost potty trained, #2 consistently on potty and at least one #1 per day)

Can I just say how much I love toddlers?! I think I've been blessed with the most easy going little girls ever and it especially shows after the 1 year mark but 18 months is the best! Lucy is almost there and I see her silly personality emerge more and more. Today was the peak. She was just so funny, cuddly, sweet, my little best friend. She followed me around, watched everything I did without getting into things, gave me random hugs and kisses.

She's not really talking yet but I think she's getting there. She's repeating more sounds and actually says papa now. Before that everyone was mama.
"Lucy, say Juju"

She loves music, food, animals, books, stealing her sister's toys & Peppa Pig. Really friendly, waves to every one. Loves babies-real and doll. She has one dolly that she carries around everywhere and is always "feeding" her or swaddling her in what ever she finds-coats, scarves, etc.

Of course, she has her feisty moments. She does this funny little stomping dance when she wants something she can't have or when told no. She's pretty independent. Loves running in other directions away from me, loves to be chased (hence the constant toy stealing), will not hold hands, not a fan of being restrained-what kid is? But also Lucy is not one those kids that cries for no reason. She rarely cries when she gets hurt unless it's really painful. We call her a little bulldozer sometimes for this reason.

I love her so much. I'm so excited for this stage. She was mostly a chill baby but there were phases that made me a little (cough cough a lot) crazy with her. Toddlerhood is so different and I think she was one of those babies that once she learned to crawl/walk was a whole different child. I think she was pretty motivated too because she learned to do both pretty fast.

Anyway, that's my Lucy lately. I'm so thankful to God for her.

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