Thursday, February 25, 2016


beauty blender

It's Friday! Yay! I've been thinking it's Friday since Wednesday so my brain is just happy to be caught up.

First love that I have to profess today is to my beauty blender. I was a skeptic but like all skeptics, we eventually have to be proven wrong somewhere. That's me with the beauty blender. It seems to unnatural to put a bunch of makeup on your face than dab it off with a wet sponge. But I watched enough YouTube beauty channel videos to convince myself to try it once. Let's just say my make up has never looked so good and let's just say I'll never go back to life with out it. I use a cream concealer over blemishes, use a brush to put on my liquid foundation than-my favorite step-use the above Maybelline FITme concealer under my eyes, center of forehead, chin and down my nose  and blend ALL that in with a really damp (but not dripping when squeezed) beauty blender. I lightly tap all over my face and it just looks flawless, natural and dewy. Pretty much every word you want use when describing your face haha

Another love I wasn't sure about-the Wet Brush. It's my favorite brush I've ever used and that says A LOT because I absolutely hate brushing my hair! And I pretty much never had to because it would never tangle (stick straight hair probs) but ever since I had kids the texture changed and it seems to always tangle.  But I never did anything about it because I am not into hair at. all. Messy bun all day, every day. Didn't even own a curling iron until this past Christmas. Fast forward to Juliana's birthday and I bought the mini version for part of her gift because unlike me she loves her hair (it's gorgeous) so I decided to try it on myself and wow! I don't know what it is about it but it doesn't snag or hurt and feels so silky to the scalp. I will be picking up a grown up version asap.

I read a few really lovely posts about parenting that pretty much sum how I've been feeling lately about Juju turning 3 and changing into the beautiful bigger, little girl that she is right before my eyes. The first one appropriately titled When Your Babies Turn into Big Kids at Little Baby Garvin and a post about loving and saying goodbye to age 2 at Seven Graces Blog. Motherhood is the most bittersweet role I will every be blessed to experience. 
Like I mentioned yesterday, we're on a budget which means lots of cooking at home. But on the weekends we ALWAYS go to our favorite pizza place and lately it's feels more special since we don't go out to eat as often as we used to. If you ever stumble upon a Punch Neopolitan Pizza, do yourself a huge favor and go inside. 

I'm loving all the mints and lavenders I've been seeing everywhere lately. I don't typically gravitate towards dark colors so pastel colors are more my jam. 
Happy Weekend!
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