Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Confessions

This week I confess...

target wish list

My husband and I set up a budget (his idea) and it's actually going really well. It made me realize of how much more I was actually spending than I thought on things like groceries and "super necessary" Target runs. To limit myself I've been avoiding Target and getting our food from a grocery store, you know, where they just sell food... But ugh I miss it so much! Darn you addictive bullseye! I've been looking (but not touching!) online and above are the things I'm missing out on not wasting money on.

Juliana's party decorations are still up from her birthday two weeks ago. My excuse is I'm enjoying all the pink...

I love gloomy weather. Overcast skies, rain, wind. I would be a fine resident of the pacific northwest or England. I know everyone is super psyched for summer but I'm pretty sure too much direct sunlight gives me an instant headache so I'm kind of dreading it. I only want warmer weather for the sake of my kids who have been cooped up more this winter than I care to admit.

Speaking of summer-I'm so not ready to put away my Ugg boots when the time comes. They're not actually Ugg's but Bearpaw brand from Macy's.  Many people think they're a fashion no-no but I have no shame, I love wearing them! They're comfy and warm and hide my calves haha needless to say they are my #1 choice for footwear.

My husband would make a better stay at home parent than I currently am. He was the one that transitioned both girls to sleep in the crib after the first months of co-sleeping with them, transitioned Juliana to her big girl bed and yesterday while I was at my bible study he put the girls to bed without sitting in the room with them (they share) like we have been for the past few months. He said he just told them they need to sleep and left the room. They didn't cry or get up. And when I came home they were sleeping and the house was clean. Yes, he's a keeper.

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