Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Experiences with Estee Lauder (And One Really Bad One)

estee lauder

I like to do reviews by brand because I'm one of those people that once they find one product they love they will keep trying out more from that same brand. This isn't even all of products I tried from EL but the more recent ones.

I was a pretty big fan of Estee Lauder and have tried several of their products over the years whether they were purchased or came as a gift in those promotions they seem to constantly have. Recently though I had a harrowing (first world) problem with one of the products pictured above and it made me reconsider the brand and that maybe it's not worth dropping a pretty big penny for anymore. Read on to see which product caused me to lose all trust and one I will probably never stop using. Ever.

1. Double Wear Max Coverage $38
What it is: creamy foundation
How to use: Apply with brush or sponge on primed skin
Results: The most pigmented foundation you'll probably ever use. Like a drop will cover your whole cheek. When they say max coverage-they mean it! I tried go light handily with it and my husband still said it looked like paint. Definitely not for every day, throw it on and run out the door.
Verdict: Returned. I like full coverage but not at this level. 

2. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover $20
How to use: Like any liquid makeup remover, with a cotton pad/ball, gently massaging into eyes
Results: Removes a good amount of mascara, eyeliner without feeling oily. Sometimes requires doing it twice or an extra rinse but overall effective.
Verdict: Gets the job done but nothing amazing. I do like that it's not oily feeling like I said so that's a plus for me. 

3. Double Wear Zero Smudge Curling Mascara $24
What is is: Promises, long wear, smudge proof and curling power
Results: This was one of my favorite mascaras back in the day but either the formula changed or I did because suddenly it didn't do much for me. It gets thick pretty quickly which makes it smudge while applying so there goes that. I don't think it delivers on it's promises.
Verdict: There are cheaper, better drugstore options. 

4. Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II $62-92
What it it: Hydrating, smoothing, anti-aging nighttime use serum
How to use: Apply nightly over clean face
Results: LOVE. After one use I noticed my skin looked more radiant and I've been a believer since. I've been using this for about 3 years and have written about it before because I really do see it working. I use this almost daily at night and especially when I feel like my skin needs repair from blemishes and dry spots. I'm only 26 so I don't know about anti-aging yet but hopefully this is helping me in the long run haha (side note: I have normal/oily combo skin)
Verdict: Let's just say if I had to choose one skin care product to use the rest of my life it would be this. Read the other 147 five star reviews on Sephora if you don't believe me ;)
*No I've never actually paid for this because it always comes with their gift with purchase promotions which is craziness to me that they give this stuff away!

5. Advanced Night Repair Eye $58 (got as sample)
What it is: Anti-wrinkle under eye cream
How to use: Apply nightly under eyes
Results: So here it is. The product that made me scared for my eyes. I used this about 4 o 5 nights in a row thinking I was fighting the wrinkle war early when I got my most noticeable eye wrinkle ever.  Of course I have since stopped using it but something about my under eye area has changed for the worst since using this. I wish I could say it was a coincidence but they look grayer underneath and normal crease lines look deeper. I did not have any under eye problems before this. 
Verdict: I had such high hopes but now I'm just not sure about Estee Lauder. Besides the serum nothing has wowed me and this cream has left me traumatized.

I know review are subjective based on the reviewers preferences, skin type, habits etc but hopefully this helps someone. Let me know what you love about this brand and also any eye creams that you swear by. I'm looking for something hydrating. Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Hands down the best is by Fresh Black Tea Delay Eye Concentrate. It hydrates without feeling oliy, it brightens my dark circle and I don't have eye wrinkles yet but I am hoping that it is preventing them! The price is a hefty but it last's a long time!!!



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