Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Juliana-Big Three!

I thought I would do a Juliana update on the last day of her birthday month. Happy Leap Year! (written yesterday)

Nicknames: Juj, Jusik, Goose
 Clothes: 3t, 4t I always size up 
Shoes: 9 Just bought her some size 11 boots hoping they fit next winter
Potty trained: since age 2 

Disney Princesses are going SUPER strong around here. She asks almost daily to go back to "aforida" and visit Cinderella in her "magic royal castle" We went in January and has not forgotten the hugs she gave to Belle, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Merida and Donald Duck in that order. Every morning she wakes up and changes into a "Cinderella" dress and will wear it all day. She never wants to put her hair up because she's "Rapunzel." I wish a had a longer list of her current interests but seriously princesses, princes, castles and sometimes coloring is all that Juliana's into. She can just sit in her room and act out little scenes all day long. 

She is pretty much a vegetarian and only eats vegetables, fruit, yogurt, ice cream, pasta and rice. It's impossible to get her to try something new and won't even touch a lot of the foods she once ate with a passion. 

She's been in a big girl bed since around 2 1/2 and sleeps really well in it. Past few couple night we put them in with classical music and they have been falling asleep on their own. We always hear Juliana saying "Lucy lay down!" in her stern little voice and it's so funny. She's a total Big Sister. 

Juliana really did not go through "terrible twos" It was my favorite age with her. She's once of those kids that likes order, habits, rituals, responsibilities etc. She likes all her coat buttons buttoned and her sweaters zipped up all the way. She's good about putting her dishes away in the sink, says thank you for everything, puts away groceries when I bring them home, loves to line things up, has really good memory, knows all her numbers, colors and letters. Also, she's really funny and goofy but very shy! 

We all love her sooooo much! I can't imagine life without her and cried like a baby when we had to be separated for a few days last month. 


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