Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Random 5 Questions & Answers

Sometimes I want to write about so many things that I don't know where to start so I just don't. Not good. Today I wanted to do a quick little q&a from one of the blogs I follow. 
At the top of your wishlist right now: A red purse. Haven't found the ONE yet because I can't narrow it down if I want something fun like a little cross body for a pop of color or something bigger like a tote that's more functional. Almost bought this one (above) from F21 and still can't decide if I should go back and just get it. I know $17 isn't a lot but I'm really trying not to buy anything without thinking it through as silly as that seems. #budget
Blog(s) you’re loving lately: Nioby's blog is part fashion, part real estate advice. Literally my 2 favorite things. We're looking for a home to buy right now so I love reading her insider info. Bonus-she's a Christian!
Favorite thing about spring: Can I say everything? Warmer weather, no more jackets (not a fan of wearing them. 40 degrees is no jacket weather in my book) blooming trees and flowers, Easter (Jesus has risen!) and new fashions just to name a few ;)
The next trip you’re taking: No trip planned :( boo. Except to the hospital. To give birth. Fun. 
TV show you can’t stop watching: Currently nothing. One of my absolute favorites was Selling New York on Netflix but they only have 2 seasons and I breezed through them in like one sitting. Did I mention I love real estate? 
Leave me a comment with your blog if you do this little q&a too! I'd love to read your answers :) 


  1. Hey Anna, I just answered these questions on my blog this morning, Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hello Anna, I am so humbled by your post! Thank you for reading my blog and for sharing it on yours! I am a new fan of jujuandlucy! Have a wonderful day! Nioby Trivett


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