Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Baby #3!

blue wall for added effect ;)

We are so excited to welcome baby #3 into our family this June! We're even more excited that it's a boy, our first son and little brother for the girls. I'm a little nervous as all I've ever know is pink, princesses, dresses and the gentleness and sweetness that comes with girls but I'm so excited for the new experience that having a son would bring. I feel so blessed to complete our family and thankful for God's timing and grace.

Gender: Boy! Confirmed by 2 different ultrasounds ;)

How far along:  25 weeks couple days

Total weight gain:  about 10ish pounds

Maternity clothes:  maternity jeans mixed with loose sweaters...I wore one of my husbands shirts (he's 6'5'') to the gym the other week and he asked me if I was seriously going to work out in that. I looked a little ridiculous but my workout clothes don't fit anymore :(

Stretch marks:  from previous pregnancies 

Sleep:  I sleep totally fine it's my two toddlers who are having trouble! Up 3 days in a row with Lucy crying and having to bring her back to bed so she wouldn't wake up Juju. Than last night it was Juju's turn to cry randomly in the middle of the night and lay in her bed until she fell back asleep.

PEAK of the week:  the 2 long naps I got to take Sunday and and Monday. 
PIT of the week:  felt a weird pressure in my belly all day Monday like baby was right in my rib cage. I couldn't even bend or slump slightly because of it. 

Big Sisters:  Awesome :) We've just started to kind of talk more about the baby with them and reminding them it's in mommy's belly and that one day he'll be out and they'll have a brother to play with. Juliana said she wants a baby in her belly too. Umm....not for 20 more years girlfriend. 

Daddy:  I couldn't do life without him. He works hard all day then comes home and lets me nap. I wake up the house is clean and the girls are fed and happy. 

Miss anything?  Sushi would be nice. I got Archer Farms wasabi soy chips (yum) the other week to satisfy the craving but over did it as usual and felt like crap haha 

Movement:  Lots! I feel hiccups and tiny punches all the time and I swear he was somersaulting the other day which added to the pressure I was already feeling. 

Food cravings:  Nothing crazy, I'm just hungry all. the time. I am really enjoying peanut butter lately. Like midnight snacking enjoying. So naughty. 

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?  Brushing my teeth always makes me gag while pregnant! And sometimes queasiness after breakfast. Probably because I inhale it.

Symptoms:  A bone separating feeling in my lower back and hips make sitting for long periods of time and getting up very uncomfortable. 

Belly button:  Flat.

Mood: Trying to be productive but feeling a wee bit tired haha

Looking forward to: It's my mama's birthday on friday and also my half birthday!

I love reading pregnancy updates so if you're doing them on your blog leave me a comment with your blog name so we can bump along together (see what I did there. So clever.) I think it's so sweet to read a mama's thoughts and experiences during pregnancy and than finally getting to meet the little life that was growing inside all those months :)

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