Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

My little squish at her 6 month pictures.

Happy 18 months Lucy! I cannot believe we're halfway to 2! Lately, she's just so cuddly and sweet, I can't get enough of her. We'll definitely be celebrating with frozen yogurt and a million kisses and hugs but no more than that ;) 

A new to me website is 6pm. I found it through this sales blog and have been checking it since. They have a wide selection of Nike's and they frequently go on sale for the lowest prices I have ever seen, like $35 low. Of course they usually sell out quick but if you catch it on time or wear a less sought after shoe size than you might just score ;)

I am OBSESSED with meringue anything. This weekend for not reason at all I want to attempt this cake. It's my favorite cake in the world but I've never actually made it before.

Found the cutest little tumblr. Tumblr is all the inspiration but not much for sources. Which makes it Pinterest's harmless cousin :)

If you've never seen those annoyingly delicious looking quick recipe videos on FB than here is a link to one of the best. You're welcome and I'm sorry. I seriously want to make everything I see because they make it look SO easy and good. The kid friendly pizza recipe is super cute with the helping little hands. I want to try it with Juliana. She's been SO picky lately and I read somewhere that involving kids in the prep will make them more excited about the food. Fingers double crossed it works!

And lastly, one of my favorite blogs. Love this look because I really don't need to be convinced very hard to wear a comfy gray crew sweater. Now I just need some pink heels :)

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