Friday, March 18, 2016


RIP matching white hats that I got from H&M for a $1 last year :( Juliana and I went into Ulta for literally less than 10 minutes and she somehow managed to lose it during that time. We looked all over for it but it apparently disappeared into thin air. I can't imagine someone would just take it because that hat has definitely seen better days. Oh well.

There has been zero sun this whole week which is kind of sad. I kept seeing posts on Insta of beautiful pink blooming trees in other parts of the country while we were getting snow yesterday. Hurry up spring! It also feels weird that Easter is coming up so soon. I'm used to it being in April. Can't it just be the same time every year?

I'm the last person to get on the Chia seeds train but I'm glad I did! I got a big organic bag at Costco for just $7 and have been sneaking them into yogurt and smoothies for the girls and myself and so far so good. I love that they're like healthy little bubbles full of nutrients :)

Can't say I've had a super productive week besides getting some shopping done so today is catch up day. I have a lot of cleaning to do and I already paid a huge stack of bills. What a blast. But than I have some fun things to make and list in my shop and that'll be my weekend party time haha

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