Monday, March 21, 2016

One Year Back-3.21.15

I was looking through my pictures (babies are sleeping, what else would I be doing? I miss them) and stumbled on pictures I took exactly a year ago today. It's crazy because I remember taking these and the moment but not much else about that day. Thank goodness for photography! It captures ordinary moments and turns them into special memories. We were playing in the girls room and Juliana was pretending to read Lucy a book. It was so adorable. Not to mention they had on matching footie pjs. I die. 

I thought it would be fun to compare what changes happened after these pictures were taken starting with Juliana...

Juliana was 2 and a month...
Juliana still has her pacifier (sosa) but she completely dropped it a month later...cold turkey...on a road trip!
She's also wearing her diaper but was fully (nighttime and everything) potty trained 2 months later.
Juliana has a pony tail in but was on her way to being super against having her hair up. It's still kicking strong to this day to the point where she doesn't like it when I wear mine up. Sorry girlfriend, mama hates having her hair down! #mombunforlife
Juliana was still sleeping in the crib (I tried to keep her in there as long as possible) but transitioned to a big girl bed 3 months later and Lucy took over the prison cell haha 

Lucy was 6 months...
Lucy was just starting to crawl and was non stop go go go about a month after.
She was still 100% nursing but began solids about a month and a half after.
Like I mentioned before Lucy was not in the crib because she was co-sleeping with me. Yep, until 9 months! It just made those 2x (sometimes more) a night feedings easier. Then my hubby transitioned her while I was away at a late birthday party and she stayed there ever since. He's a baby sleep whisperer. No joke. 

Both big girls grew out of those pjs about a month after. That was a sad day.

What amazes me most is how little Juliana looks! Lucy was only 6 months so of course she was still a baby and looks different today but I always remember Juju being so big then but these pictures definitely prove me wrong :'(

I also remember it was right around this time the girls really began to take interest in each other and actually play together! It was what my mama heart had been waiting for and it was and still is pure magic! 

Oh how I love my sweet little ladies...

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