Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday Confessions

I hate when bloggers/Instagrammers sell things by saying "look at this (insert simple sweater or top) it comes in a a million (regular old) colors and is less than $200!" um, ok wow what a steal. A little out of touch there?

I finally got around to watching Paper Towns and it was so. boring. Major let down since it was so hyped about like all of last year. Yes, I'm a little behind times. I don't read best seller books of the moment but I do like to catch the movie to see what it's about. I really liked the Me Before You trailer and I'm hoping the movie is as good as everyone says the book is. P.S. Don't get me wrong, I love to read I just only try to read books that will bring me closer to God along with daily Bible reading. Reading became a rare and sacred time once I had kids so I have to choose wisely.

Speaking of kids and sacred time-I wish my girls could understand that if they let mommy sleep just a wink more than mommy won't be such a snappy crab the rest of the day. #sotired #sendhelp #orcoffee

I had Oreo Thins at like 1 am the other day because I couldn't sleep and got hungry. In my defense I never eat or buy Oreo's but the Saturday morning taste tester lady at Target got to me like a month ago and I've been slowly, secretly making my way through the package ever since.

And finally, I didn't want to leave the house until the UPS guy brought my Nordstrom package. I got this and it was just ok. The olive color isn't really doing anything for me.

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  1. Omg thank you!!! I hated Paper Towns!! It WAS BORING!!!

    1. Oh I'm so glad somebody agrees! Thanks for reading Melanie :)


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