Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Juju Quotes

"Mama, say I'm a funny goose."
"You're a funny goose."
"Thank you so much!"

"Juliana, you are so so cute!"
"Yes, I'm beautiful. Oi! My booty itches!"

During church...
"What are you doing?"
"Being good so I can have ice cream"

Lucy mumbles something in the car while we're driving...
"What Lucy? You want bananas?!"

After I told she couldn't have too many grape tomatoes..
"No more tomatoes, or my tummy will hurt and I will cry and mama will say Oh Juju are you crying?"

"Where are we going?"
"To the store..."
"To buy birds!?"

While at the store...
"Should we get this ice cream?"
"Yes I will buy it for papa! And he'll say Thanks Juj!"

We speak in both our girls in Russian but Juliana's English vocabulary is quickly growing partly from listening to people speak it around her and from cartoons. She has the cutest way of pronouncing words and it's always really funny to hear her talk back to people in English because we're not really sure if she knows what they're saying to her but she'll answer anyway. She knows the typical how old are you and what's your name and few other phrases and but mostly beyond that she'll answer yes or no. We're not in a hurry for her to learn because once she goes to school she'll pick it up in a heart beat. I'm surprised how much she actually knows already!

thank so much=thank you sore much

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