Sunday, December 14, 2014

I love Lucy.

That title was bound to happen sooner or later ;)

Sometimes I'll have Lucy in my lap while I sit and read blogs, or Instagram or on super rare occasion a book and I'll look down and see that she's smiling a big, toothless smile at me and it'll make my heart skip! So I'll lean down and kiss her on her little lips or her chubby cheek because I'm her mom and she's my baby and I'll do it as much as she'll let me (a certain almost 2 year old in the house is already above those kisses). To most people and almost most of the time Lucy is such a serious little baby. It's a real job getting that girl to crack a smile. But not to me. She's all smiles for mama. It really makes every single day worth it. It's so cliche but those smiles and precious snuggle times really make life better than a dream. I'm so in love with my girls that I don't even have the words to describe it and I can't thank God enough!

P.s. She's cool like dad but 100% mama's girl ;)

P.p.s while I was writing this she went #2. Yep, total dream life, ha! 

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