Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shop: Old Navy

It's not really a secret that Old Navy is one of my top favorite stores (naturally Target is first). It has cute stuff, it's affordable and there are stores all over the place. I love it for myself, I love it for Juliana, I love it for Lucy. I don't necessarily love it for my husband because he wears size Tall in shirts and O.N. doesn't carry it in store. For that we go to Kohl's. 

On Black Friday O.N. had 50% of everything and I ran in really quickly (Lucy wasn't letting me shop that day) and got some cute things for the girls and one home item. 

1. Leopard vest. Another love confession, I love vests. I got Juju leopard because in my world leopard is a neutral and will go with everything. I got size 3T even though the girl has 2 months until she reaches her 2nd birthday. But it fits pretty well and it's longer so it covers more of her back. She looks so cute in it, I die. 
2. Leopard long sleeve bodysuit. I guess I was on a roll with the leopard. I got 6-12 months for Lucy but only realized when I got home that it would be summer when she's that age so this might go to a different home. It's so cute though.
3. White long sleeve bodysuit. This I got in 3-6 months and Lucy has already worn it several times and after several washes the fabric still looks good. I love the fit and the cotton is very soft. Plus, you can't go wrong with white. I love anything I can bleach. Love confession #3 I love bleach.
4. Buffalo Plaid fleece blanket. One of my favorite purchases recently. This was a steal for $5 but the reason I love it is because we had a super similar blanket growing up at home. My mom still has it and it must be at least 15 years old. When I saw it on O.N.'s website it instantly reminded me of being cozy under that blanket watching TV in our freezing basement. It's cheesy but I feel like I'm carrying on a tradition by getting one for my own little family.

And speaking of fleece blankets from Old Navy, I bought these last year to give as gifts but didn't end up giving them to anybody or using them. Than I saw the church I used to go to was having a blanket drive so there they went. I'm happy they're going somewhere where they are needed. Everyone should be warm during winter. 

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