Sunday, December 14, 2014

Juliana 22 Months

Yesterday Juliana turned 22 months. Thank you Baby Center for reminding me!

Juliana woke up super sick in the middle of the night on Monday and it's been rough ever 
since. It's been a weird on and off cold. First she was just raspy, than coughing, than on and off fever and now she's just so tired and hasn't eaten much. There is nothing worse than a sick child and I wish I could take her place so she wouldn't have to suffer. She's been a trooper but I so miss my silly little girl. I hope she heals as soon as possible so we can get out and play and do some Christmas stuff like see the lit up tree in St. Paul's Rice Park or decorations at Mall of America. 

I've been looking at pictures of her from this past summer and am amazed how much she has changed! For starters she seems so tall and her hair has grown inches and somewhat lost the curls it used to have. She can put together 3-4 words sentences and counts up to 10. She knows colors and correctly identifies them most of the time. She remembers what things are named from being only told once or twice. That part amazes me the most! Like the other day she asked for a watermelon (we speak to her in Russian so she said arbuz) and I don't know how she remembered that at all. She follows instructions really well and is overall just an awesome little girl. She's the perfect older child. She's obedient yet determined, independent yet plays well with others, she's stubborn but sweet, she's a caring sister and a helper to her mama. I could go on and on about my Juju :)

Red Headed Dolly

And as you can see, she'll make an awesome mommy one day ;) 

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