Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Recent Purchases

These posts kind of make me feel like a shopaholic but the truth is everything here (except for the A Anthropologie mug-early Christmas present!) cost me around $20 after coupons and discounts. Plus I love buying for Juju and don't feel guilty because I know Lucy will get to wear it in the future. All of this is from Old Navy because 1. I love that place 2. They have awesome sales.

Exhibit A: these plaid pajama pants are the perfect Christmas morning pjs. The print is exactly what I was looking for and they are so comfy! They were on sale last week for a mere $6. A new tradition I want to start with my family is Christmas morning breakfast in our jolly jammies while exchanging gifts and reading Luke 2 from the Bible. 

B: this shearling vest was a steal on clearance. I bought it for Lucy for next year because it's 12-18 months but when I tried it on Juju (she's 22 months) it fit like a glove. Only problem is she doesn't want to wear it! 15 seconds after zipping it up "mama, take it off ok?" (I love how she started saying "ok?" It's the best. "One candy, ok?" So cute I almost give in.) 

C: Quilted knees. Rose gold ankle zippers. Love. I got 2t. They're a little loose but I plan on squeezing Juliana in these for many years to come. 

D: I'm always on the look out for adorable shirts with red head little cuties or anything red head in general. Since having Juju I've become a little bit obsessed. I don't know if I just notice it now but it seems like there are more and more red heads in the media, ads, etc. Its awesome. I got this in 3T because the difference between 2T was slightly longer sleeves and I just roll those up so Juju can wear it longer. 

That's it for my O.N. finds. Last week I think I shopped every single day. But I got all presents purchased & wrapped. So this week I've just been relaxing with my family, going out to eat, baking, having friends over and just enjoying the few and too little number of days before the magical month of December is over. 

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