Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Funday

The days after Christmas were spent being sad that Christmas was over. With kids it gets better every year! Juliana got so many awesome gifts from her even more awesome aunts and uncles. She's still playing with, reading, pretend drinking, carrying around all her presents every day. 

Hello Kitty Tea set, Ikea LATT table & chairs

Melissa & Doug letters & numbers magnets

But sad note, she got sick again immediately after Christmas. We're not sure if it's because of possible teething, from spending 20 minutes outside for the first time on a sunny but slightly chilly day or getting it from somebody over the Christmas festivities. Probably a combo of all 3. Yay. Not. But! She's on the mend, Praise God! I can tell she's getting better because she requested green beans with garlic (!) one of her fav dishes. Before that she was barely eating anything. 

Today we've been hanging out at home because 1. it's still too early to take Juliana out 2. the temperature is hovering above 0. I love Minnesota. No sarcasm. I like to sing "the cold never bothered me anyway" My name is Anna but I'm definitely an Elsa. So we painted nails, watched some cartoons, ate green beans with garlic at Juliana's request (!) 

before: pink and gold. matched my Christmas present perfectly

after: hot pink for new years eve?

and one swipe on each little finger for Juju to match :)

I did venture out with Lucy to get a much needed haircut. I left her with my sister because there is no way she would've sat in the carseat while I was in the chair. A carseat lover she is not. The salon and my stylist were highly questionable but I managed to walk out with a pretty decent haircut. I probably shouldn't admit the picture I showed the stylist was one of Kim Kardashian that I pinned...

The bunny lovey was a gift for Lucy from her uncle :)

I have to take more pictures of all the stuff the girls got so we can remember what they got and from who. Hopefully sometime this week :)

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  1. I love painting my little girl's nails too. I keep hers up better than my own!


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