Monday, February 2, 2015

Better Food

One of my resolutions has been to eat healthier along with everyone else in the world. Usually by the end of January I've completely stopped trying but this year I'm doing better now than I was at the start of 2015! I'm really excited because I feel like I finally found my groove when it comes to better choices. 

One thing that has really helped is having a list of simple and quick food ideas consisting of things we almost always have on hand. It's hanging right on the fridge so I can always see it. Numbers 1, 2 & 3 are at the top of the list for a reason. As you can see really simple stuff but things I know I love. I try to get a veggie in with every meal & use only real ingredients. I'm mindful of what nutrients I get from everything I put in my mouth. Not only important for me but Lucy too.

My breakfast almost daily and no I don't get sick of it. I try to stuff spinach in as much food as I can. The bread can be better but you only live once. 

More eggs, more veggies and more avocado toast. Always coffee. 

Another fav meal that's not the on the list (why?!) is lemon tilapia and broccoli with garlic. Takes like 11 minutes and so light but filling! Bonus: Juliana eats it too. 

Sorry about the ugly picture but my favorite way to eat sometimes is by replacing bread or tortillas with a romaine lettuce leaf. I can eat like 4 of those bad boys and be stuffed just from a small can of tuna, onions and a little mayo with S & P. 

This is my go to dessert. I found it on (awesome stuff! Go now!) they're supposed to be energy balls but I mix all the ingredients, keep it refrigerated and just grab a spoonful when I crave something sweet. The mix tastes like a perfectly soft peanut butter Chewy bar but without preservatives and all natural ingredients (except the chocolate chips) 

Being more food conscience makes me feel like such a grown up sometimes ;) 

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