Sunday, February 1, 2015

Love Month...

Happy February First!

I'll be honest I wasn't always the biggest fan of February but now it's one of my favorites months...

1. Top reason being it's the month my precious firstborn daughter was born. In 13 days Juliana will turn 2! So bittersweet.  

2. It's the "love month" thanks to the heart shaped holiday that follows Juju's birthday. Pink, glitter, flowers and hearts everywhere! It's especially fun when you have daughters. 

3. It's the month my husband and I started dating. This 19th we will celebrate 5 years since we first met for a coffee and took a freezing walk around "Love Park" (it's actually called Centennial Lakes but everyone refers to it as Love park because that's where every one we know starts dating, gets engaged and/or takes their wedding pictures there. 2/3 are true for us. It's a beautiful park!)  

4. It's the shortest month which is pretty special, right? Exactly 4 weeks long. 

5. It's a sweet transition between wintery January and some signs of spring in March. *fingers crossed spring is coming!* 

It's also the Super Bowl but I'm not really about that. I'm guessing Hawks will win though. 

Instagram the source of all things awesome led me to this free February calendar print here

I want to frame it with a heart around the 13th and hang it in Juliana's room.  

This is another free printable @mscraftberrybush (Insta) 

This is the Shutterfly calendar we currently have hanging in the hallway. The quality is the best and the options are endless. Love this month's roses :)

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