Friday, February 27, 2015

random confessions (5 on friday)

I don't watch the bachelor/bachlorette. i've never even seen a single episode. i don't even have cable to watch even if i wanted to. that being said i love this bloggers recaps of the episodes. but her whole blog is pretty good. she's seriously so funny! 


i want a pair of camo pants. i bought some camo flats from express several months ago and they've been patiently waiting in my closet for the snow to melt. i tried them on with a few spring outfits and they seriously match everything. i'm hoping they won't go out of style by than because i can't wait to wear them. this fact has made me realize i need camo pants. not to wear together obviously, i'm not going hunting. but i think they would be cute with coral tops and striped tees. i like these. 

i'm such a night owl! it's my guilty pleasure. it's my time to pin a million things i will probably never bake, make or wear, catch up on blogs, read, write in journals i keep for my daughters and eat the occasional junk food. my hubby is currently out of state so i feel less guilty about doing all this past 11 pm :) 


since juliana's 2nd birthday i've become more attached to her. is that even possible? the answer is yes because i can't let this girl out of my sight. i've become more protective and (a little embarrassed to admit) clingy. it just hit me how quickly she's growing! she's changed so so so much in just the past few months let alone the past 2 years. i could go on and on how intelligent she has become and how she blows me away every day but i'll stop here. i just love that girl to the moon and back. 


that being said i am selfishly happy i have another daughter that i get to love, hug, squish and watch develop. just getting to reuse juliana's old clothes on lucy brings me joy. i'm so thankful i get to almost relive everything with lucy because the 1st time everything just flew by! i'm more conscience of cherishing every moment. i spend more time cuddling lucy because i know i'll blink and she'll be walking or it'll be her 1st birthday. she's already almost on the verge of sitting up by herself right in time for her 6 month birthday and starting solids. another milestone i love is how much more Lucy smiles! she used to be so serious but smiles constantly now! it's awesome seeing how alert she is of her surroundings and recognizing people. Juliana especially makes Lucy smile which just melts me :)

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