Saturday, February 28, 2015

our room

with the help of pinterest i'm slowly figuring out what i like when it comes to home decor. my style is traditional, simple and clean. i don't like clutter but just a few pretty decorative items like a candle or flowers is a must. i put together a room inspiration board and so far i've acquired half of what i think will make our master bedroom complete.
  • candle holder (target during christmas)
  • large black mirror (tjmaxx on clearance)
  • white bedding (target)
  • nightstand (ikea. we have the 2 drawer white hemnes)
  • dresser (ikea hemnes-exactly as pictured)


here is a small look into our current room situation. we are in need of a headboard! we're also currently renting so in the future our walls will be grey. don't worry they're not as orange in real life. they're more beige/tan.

so far it looks like the theme is white, navy, gray with black accents. i was leaning towards more neutrals like beige (think burlap pillows) but i think this way it's not too girly for the hubs ;)

p.s. that lamp is awesome! :)

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